Thanks & a few suggestions on C5W4

Firstly Andrew & team, hearty thanks for putting together an excellent set of 5 courses in this DeepLearning specialization. All the videos along with the few corrections were very well articulated making it easy to learn the basics of neural networks, and the quizzes rightly touched upon all the topics covered in videos. Also the programming assignments were a breeze despite me being relatively new to Tensorflow, thanks to the very well documented notes and comments through out the assignments.

However, I feel the programming assignment of ‘Transformers’ (course5 week4) was very difficult to get through despite being good at Python and relatively decent at Tensorflow (thanks to the previous courses in this specialization). I believe this was mainly due to the lack of easy and understandable documentation and comments in the programming assignment. I know the topic of “Transformers” and its assignment are a new addition to the final course, but it would be very helpful for the future learners if the level of documentation in the assignment was brought up to the level of the previous programming assignments in this specialization.

Finally, I would like to know if I would be receiving any notifications if there are any updates to course contents such as addition of new topics (like Transformers being a new addition to course5), as I would like to keep up to date with new topics despite finishing this specialization. And thanks again!

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Thanks for your suggestions.

I do not know if you will continue to receive updates about the course.