"The model in your submission is invalid" but accuracy I get is 1

I can’t understand the criptic error message.
My model works and accuracy converges to 1 after about 30 epochs: why isn’t it “valid”?
Please can anyone help me to understand?
Thanks in advance!

Hi please paste the error message so that we can help u Better, and I can assume your model is saying invalid even when reaching accuracy of 1 under 30 epochs right ?

It might be due over fit or under fit of the model, pls check the code once

I also have a similar error, “The model in your submission is invalid. Please try again”.I don’t know what it implies

I am having the similar problem. The grader output is this:

“Almost. Your model has NOT passed the required level of accuracy on the test set. The minimum required accuracy is 0.9500. Please try again.”

But when I train my model the accuracy converges to 1 in epoch 27th. Any idea?

Ok I solved it by slightly changing the model (same layers, different number of units in each layer). It seems strange though