It seems that this course part is riddled with problems,
After spending days on C1_W3 to find the right combination of OS, python ,conda on an AMD processor board, i now are spending extra time on W4 with

Almost. Your model has NOT passed the required level of accuracy on the test set.
The minimum >>required accuracy is 0.6600. Please try again.
I submitted 3 times, still same error, i mean this assignment in itself is nothing special in difficulty,
but mindless resubmitting, i don’t think so.

So i decided to add some metric to the training of the model,
i see in the console an training accuracy of 1 , probably overfitting, but since i’m totally clueless of where this 0,66 is coming from(testing accuracy ) and i can not reproduce ??

What am i suppose to do here

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Dear @Gino_Blyau,

Please send me a personal message along with your notebook file.
I’ll look into the issue(s).