C1_W1_Assignment Test accuracy

Hello everyone please I have an issue. I have tried several model still i can’t get past the 95% for the grader to pass me. I am begining to think its a grader issue. I am also begining to be frustrated. i need someone to look at my code. And can you change the number of epochs that was given?

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Hi Nnaemeka. Just to be sure. Can you let us know what course you’re referring to and which week number? You might have posted in a different category. Please check. Thanks.

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Hello, the Tensorflow and data deployemnt specialization, course browser-based models with tensorflow.js week 1 it about the breast cancer detection model.

Tagging TF D&D mentor

@Jamal022 can you please have a look at the learners issue.


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Thank you, @Deepti_Prasad, for the mention.

Hello @Nnaemeka_Nwankwo,

Could you kindly send me your notebook via direct message for review?

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