Model has not passed acc level on test set

Can someone help me, maybe gimme some suggestions for my model. I’ve been submitting my assignment for C1W1, but it always failed and said like this below i quote.
“Almost. Your model has NOT passed the required level of accuracy on the test set. The minimum required accuracy is 0.9500. Please try again.”

I think that my model is overfit since it has accuracy 1 in training, but the grader said that test set accuracy doesn’t pass the minimum which is 0.95. But I’ve tried several models and it still weren’t passed.

Hey there @naily-sy ,

You can try simplifying your model architecture if it overfits and also adjust your model hyperparameters such as learning rate, number of epochs, etc.

alright, I’ll try it too. thanks for your suggestions

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adding to what other mentor has hinted you, I would also suggest you to refer the upgraded lab which will help you further on getting the accuracy you are looking for.

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