There was a problem grading your submission. Check stderr for more details

Please help me resolve this issue. All my test cases are passing , still facing the same. Already restarted the kernel and cleared the output and done the assignment again, still not resolved. Please help !!

Show what the error under the arrow so people can have insights into it.

i’m facing the same issue. Does anyone have any suggestions how to resolve this ?

It seems the one-liner is the only error msg got

I am facing the same issue. Cannot understand why it happend

I am facing the same issue as well, there is no error in the stderr. Can’t figure it out.

I think there is a thread on it - Trouble grade In week 3 course 1 - NLP Course 1 / NLP Course 1 Week 3 - DeepLearning.AI. In your get_country function pass embeddings and not word_embeddings.

Thanks a lot @aayushmnit :smile: . Got the problem :sweat_smile: