"These tests could be hidden." - [Submission Error]

Hi All,

I am facing an issue with the submission feature—even after passing all tests within the notebook itself. This is an issue that was previously faced but passed up. I already tried updating my notebook, a shutdown/rename procedure, and a variety of other solutions around the forum.

[ValidateApp | INFO] Validating '/home/jovyan/work/submitted/courseraLearner/W3A1/Planar_data_classification_with_one_hidden_layer.ipynb'
[ValidateApp | INFO] Executing notebook with kernel: python3
Tests failed on 1 cell(s)! These tests could be hidden. Please check your submission.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Alright—solution found. Hopefully this helps anyone else if they run into the same error.

In layer_sizes(), we are told to hard-code n_h = 4. However, later, in nn_model(), we have to define n_h when initializing parameters—and it is not meant to be hard-coded as 4 at that point (which I did). The error here is probably from one of the auto-grader tests that tries a different # of hidden layers. I discovered it when I kept on trying to run Optional Exercise #6 (which shows overfitting given too many nodes) and my results seemed to be the same for any # of nodes. It was because I had hard-coded it earlier.

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