Tool to Visualize neural networks

Hi all,

Is there a tool available to Visualize neural networks ?

How do we visualize what weights and biases are being passed to next layer at each stage ? Useful for learning and debugging (especially in case of multiple complex layers) as well.

(May be I am jumping the gun, I just completed C2,W1 of Machine Learning so far).


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Hi there!

It is great everything you have completed so far. With your permission, I would add your question is the appropriate category in the course, so one of our Mentors can help you.

Please let me know.

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yes please !

Hi Jagadish!

We don’t use it in this course but a great tool for visualizing TensorFlow models is to use the TensorBoard tool. See docs here

If you would like a course that covers TensorBoard there’s a section that covers TensorBoard in the TensorFlow: Data and Deployment Specialization - DeepLearning.AI


Thanks Sam.
Let me go through this material and ping if I have any further questions.


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Thanks for suggesting this tool @SamReiswig
Will be really helpful to visualise thi the Neutral Networks.