Total Beginner - Cannot install CrewAI

I’ve tried running the notebook locally but I’m getting the following error messages

I managed ti install crewai removing the version specification but cannot install the crewai tools

Running install crewai[tools] without quotation marks solved it but I still get the error RE Failed to build chroma-hnswlib

Did you download all the necessary files required to run these codes on your local environment?

Click File and open, download all the files,

and always try sharing the error you keep getting after trying an attempt to solve your previous error


Yes, I did download all the files and saved them in a local folder. Mostly it seems to be related to system updates although I did have to run the first line as user to make it work

pip install crewai==0.28.8 crewai_tools==0.1.6 langchain_community==0.0.29 --user

It is all solved now and I’ve managed to run a few trials on my own topics. Many thanks for your fast assistance on this

Can you share the screenshot of the latest error you have got

Please, can you help me to install crewai on my MacBook 2019?
I have a similar error and have no way to deal with it, I’ve done everything but every time I get an error
ERROR: Could not build wheels for chroma-hnswlib, which is required to install pyproject.toml-based projects

I’m not much experienced in programming yet, but I’m really looking forward to working with crewai

I have tried a lot of things - and as the author above tried to install through the
pip install crewai==0.28.8 crewai_tools==0.1.6 langchain_community==0.0.29 --user
It didn’t work. I’ve tried following chatGPT’s advice and installing Docker, but to no avail. Maybe you can give me some advice?

I can’t add screenshots and links to the post, can we link through another messages way?

you can post screenshot of the error here