"Transforming" section: two areas where model is giving incorrect results?

Hello all! I was executing the code in the “Transforming” section of the lessons.

• I have tried on two separate occasions, but for one of the prompts where the model is asked to correct the grammar, it keeps giving incorrect results. The sentence in question is: “Their goes my freedom. There going to bring they’re suitcases.” There are three grammatical (homonym) errors in this sentence. The model “knows” the sentence is incorrect, but it offers the same sentence again as a correction. Does anyone know how to fix this? I know that no model is perfect, but I would have thought it would catch the mistakes shown here. :slight_smile: (In case anyone is curious, the temperature parameter was set to 0.)

• In another exercise where the model is asked to correct the grammar, the RedLines function is working, but out of the three corrections the model has claimed to make, only one of them appears to truly be a correction. Fr the rest, it’s just substituting the same exact word. Has anyone else seen this happening, or know how to fix it?