Trigger word detection - submission and saving very slow

The trigger word detection assignment seems to be very slow to submit or save.

It would be worth warning students without fibre broadband about this, so that they know they may need to wait for a long time and don’t give up.

Also, if there is a way to work around this problem (maybe by clearing all Jupyter cell output before saving or submitting?) then it would be worth advising students of this too.

(1) I attempted to save my work about 2/3 of the way through so that I could continue it the next day, but the “save” button didn’t seem to work. As I result I lost my work and had to repeat it.

(2) When I submitted my work it took a long time to upload. This time I used a network monitor to see what was happening. The submission process uploaded about 57MB of data and I think it took about 10-20 minutes. (I didn’t time it, but the network monitor showed an upload rate of about 50kB/s).

Hi @nickweeds

Thanks for letting us. As you may be aware, the traffic volume is not something we can control here at this discussion forum. Please report to Coursera, the platform hosting our courses, via their Learner help centre.

@Kic - The supplied unit test code just doesn;t run for me? Any thoughts?

This is not solution code, but here is what is causing the issues in running below:

def insert_audio_clip_test(target):
    audio_clip, segment_time = target(backgrounds[0], activates[0], [(0, 4400)])
    duration = segment_time[1] - segment_time[0]
    assert segment_time[0] > 4400, "Error: The audio clip is overlaping with the first segment"
    assert duration + 1 == len(activates[0]) , "The segment length must match the audio clip length"
    assert audio_clip != backgrounds[0] , "The audio clip must be different than the pure background"
    # Not possible to insert clip into background
    audio_clip, segment_time = target(backgrounds[0], activates[0], [(0, 9999)])
    assert segment_time[0] == 10000 and segment_time[1] == 10000, "Segment must match the out by max-retry mark"
    assert audio_clip == backgrounds[0], "output audio clip must be exactly the same input background"
    print("\033[92m All tests passed!")


Hi @jlecornu ,

This is the unit test for testing your implementation. What you do mean by the test code not running for you? What error messages do you have?

@Kic - No error messge whatsoever, just doesnt complete the running of this code block! I have left it for half an hour several times and still nothing?

Hi @jlecornu ,

Could you put a print statement after each line of the code and see where the sticking point is.
Also, just to be sure your execution environment is healthy, refresh the kernel and clear all output, rerun code from start.

@Kic - Gets stuck on this:

Hi @jlecornu ,

It looks like your code got stuck in the while loop. So check to make sure the while loop has an exit.
I have just run my code and it works.