Triplet_Loss() Function Course 4 Week 4 Assignment 1

I am able to get the correct value of the triplet Loss function in exercise 1 of week 4 course 4. But, I am getting a tensor, but I am not able to extract the value from it without using NumPy().

Every time I use NumPy I get an error saying that use the TensorFlow function.

I searched but, not able to get a solution for that, can someone suggest what I should do?

Please include the week number and assignment number (or name) in your messages.

Please read the instructions, it tells you which math functions to use:

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Still it show’s nothing, everything is done, according to the statements above. This is the case with all the exercises followed.

Can I DM you the code? if you could go through it and predict the error?

Thank you

Can anyone please help me to figure out what am I doing wrong?

Thank you!!

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