Two layer model assignmnt

how to fix? please helmp me

Have you changed the “return” statement of the two_layer_model function? You can see from the code that invokes that function that it expects two return values. But the error message is telling you that your function returned more than two values. So how could that happen? The code that handles the return was part of the “template” code and you should not have needed to change it. Here’s what it looks like in my notebook:

        # Print the cost every 100 iterations
        if print_cost and i % 100 == 0 or i == num_iterations - 1:
            print("Cost after iteration {}: {}".format(i, np.squeeze(cost)))
        if i % 100 == 0 or i == num_iterations:

    return parameters, costs

As you can see, it returns just two values. What does that line look like in your notebook?