Typo in C3_W2 Gated Recurrent Units Readings

In the Gated Recurrent Units Reading material, the h^<t1> equation is incorrect. It should be:

h^<t1> = (1 - Tao_u) * h^<t0> + Tao_u * h^'<t1>

The equation in the video before this reading is correct.

I would argue that it depends… The documentation is inconsistent, for example, deep learning frameworks use the formula from the reading material:
h_t = \Gamma_u * h_{(t-1)} + (1-\Gamma_u) * \tilde h_t

also the book I would recommend reading:

On the other hand, Wikipedia article uses the formula from the video:

Okay. I was reading the GRU from this document (under Variants on Long Short Term Memory), and it is consistent with the Wikipedia verision. Thanks.

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