Week 1 - Quiz Problem

Hello there is a question I feel is a tad bit misleading. Specifically

“Using the equations for the GRU and LSTM below the Update Gate and Forget Gate in the LSTM play a role similar to 1- Γu and Γu. True or False”

I know they are different but I put True. They do similar things. The reason given for why it was wrong was because you use Γu to calculate 1- Γu, where as the Update and Forgot Gate are independent.

The reason I think its slight misleading is because when I took the quiz again, it asked the same question in different words. This time it asked

“From these, we can see that the Update Gate and Forget Gate in the LSTM play a role similar to _______ and ______ in the GRU. What should go in the blanks?”

And of course the correct answers are the wrong answers from the original question.
So the reworded question is saying they ARE similar

Yes, I agree that there are several questions on this quiz that are pretty hard to get right. As you observe, there are several versions of each question and you don’t always get the same one, so you need to read very carefully. In your case, I think you are just not getting to the final level of detail there: pay attention to the order of the items. The reason that “True” doesn’t work for the first question you show is that the Update Gate maps to \Gamma_u, but the way they listed them saying True maps Update to 1 - \Gamma_u, right? Once I take that additional level of specificity into account, I’m able to pass the various versions of that question.

The one that I still am having a hard time with is the Alice and Betsy questions. There are several versions and I haven’t managed to figure that one out yet. Just like your case, I felt pretty sure my answer was right, but got marked off. Maybe I’m missing a subtlety like the one I pointed out above. :scream_cat: