Quiz C5 W1 Q9 Update and forget gate: Γu and 1-Γu

I think this question was originally worded as shown in this guy’s quiz: Quizz C5-W1 Update and forget gate/ Γu and 1-Γu
I would agree that the statement in his quiz is True (these are “different”). However, when the question is flipped, to only ask if these are “similar”, I would say True as well. It seems this question is randomly worded both ways to avoid being able to look up the answers. However, I think most people would agree that these terms are similar yet different.

That was my point too, hope they’ll look into it.

May’23, still the same.

The question essentially asks what is ROLE of these items and if they are different.

What I see is:
-LSTM Update-gate weighs/influences C-tilde in C
-GRU gamma-u also weighs/influences C-tilde in C
therefore, they both have the same role which; the weighing/influencing of C-tilde in C
-LSTM Forget-gate weighs/influences C in C
-GRU gamma-u also weighs/influences C in C
therefore, they also both have the same role; the weighing/influencing C in C

However, the explaination provided, “Incorrect! Instead of using Γu to compute 1 - Γu, LSTM uses 2 gates (Γu and Γf) to compute the final value of the hidden state. So, Γf is used instead of 1 - Γu.”, seems to be comparing if they are computationally equivalent rather than whether their ROLE is equivalent.

I would ask that consider rewording the question or reconsider the correct answer.


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