Unable to complete the Assignment

Hi I am trying to finish my course in C2_W3 in MLS but it is throwing some error in Cell 26

I have completed everything but seems this submission leads me not to complete the course.

I am getting the following error;

Cell #26. Can’t compile the student’s code. Error: SyntaxError(‘invalid syntax’, (‘/tmp/student_solution_cells/cell_26.py’, 36, 58, “‘’‘\nmodel_s.fit(\n X_train,y_train,\n epochs=1\n)\n’‘’/\n”))

Hi @balaji.ambresh is this the correct one?

If you run the whole notebook online (clear the output and then run ALL cells), does it work for you?

I haven’t tried like that, will clear the output and try again

Hi, @Renga_Nathan

Please, before you submit your notebook a very good thing to do is to restart your notebook and run it all again to check that everything is working properly.

Also, check your indentations and your comments.

Best regards,
Moaz El-Essawey

Hi, I tried and no luck



Hi @Renga_Nathan,

Based on the error message, you have changed code outside of the exercise cell, please reset your notebook by following these steps which will ask you to rename your current notebook so that a new version can be copied to your workspace. Then you can move your exercise code from your current notebook to the new one, and submit again.

Please be reminded not to change anything outside these sections:

    ### START CODE HERE ###  
    ### END CODE HERE ###