Unable to download L5_Event-driven_generation notebook of Serverless LLM Apps Amazon Bedrock course

I am doing a first parse of the course, and also tried to download each of the notebooks for offline reference. Downloaded the first 4. This one merely opens a new empty tab, and shows “error” in jupyter notebook menu.

Same case. I’m getting PUT - 403 Forbidden.
“… s172-31-15-12p46375.lab-aws-production.deeplearning.ai/api/contents/L2_Summarize_an_audio_file.ipynb”
Is this protection intentional? why only some lessons?

  1. First Click on the Menu tab
  2. Click on File
  3. Inside File Click Open
  4. It will open a new jupyter notebook instance with all the files.
  5. First Click on running tab in jupyter notebook.
  6. Inside the running tab “Shutdown” the notebook currently running.
  7. After that click on any file and download it.
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