Unable to Submit Quizzes


I have received financial aid for the Deep Learning Specialization course. I was able to take quizzes and do programming assignment before. However now suddenly it asks me to subscribe to submit quizzes and the programming assignments are locked. Please help!

Dear @Saimon_Thapa,
You may need to reset your deadlines to access assessments

Please let me know if still face issues.

Dear AI team,
I have received this course for free many months ago. Now I have time to complete this course, but I am unable to submit quizzes. Kindly support!
Best Regards

Hello @Muhammad_Shakaib_Kha
try ‘reset your deadlines’ once and check and then kindly contact coursera help Coursera Help Center

Hello AI Team,

I had already reset the deadlines and now the deadline is mid march. Also as shown in the image, the deadline is Feb 20 for that particular quiz, but still I am not able to submit. Also is there any other way to manually reset the deadlines again (apart from the notification that pops up in the course page)? Could you please help?

Hello @Saimon_Thapa! I hope you’re doing well. Here are a few things you can try:

  1. Check the quiz requirements: Make sure you have completed all the requirements for the quiz, such as watching the required videos, completing the required assignments, or passing the required quiz prerequisites.

  2. Try using a different browser: Sometimes using a different browser or clearing the cache and cookies of your current browser may help.

  3. Contact Coursera support: If none of the above solutions work, as mentioned by @jenitta.jebaraj you can contact Coursera support for further assistance.

I hope this helps you resolve the issue. Let me know if it doesn’t or if you have any other questions or concerns.


Hello @saifkhanengr !
I tried clearing cache, using another browser, pushing end dates but the problem still exists. Looking at the coursera support I cannot find solution to my problem, and I wish if it would be possible to email or chat someone in coursera support to resolve my issues. From the last time I posted about this issue, I only have been able to view the videos but not been able to submit my quizzes or do the programming assignment. I still need some help in this.

Samyam Thapa

Hello @Muhammad_Shakaib_Kha !
Were you able to fix the issue at your end? I still have the same issue. If you have resolved it, could you please tell me how you did it?

Hello @Saimon_Thapa! I recommend contacting Coursera support for further assistance.

First, go to this page and use the search bar in the top corner to search related article or discussion of your query.

If no article or discussion found, click log in button at the top corner of that page, and then you can click the chat icon CommentMultiple.png at the bottom corner of this page. Note that chat is available for learners with Coursera Plus, an active course or specialization subscription, or an active free trial.

If you can’t log in, or if chat isn’t available, fill this form to contact them over an email.

I hope this helps you resolve the issue. Let me know if it doesn’t or if you have any other questions or concerns.


Thank you @saifkhanengr ! I will try and contact over an email and let you know if it resolves my issue.

I have contacted the Coursera, they have told me that I have enrolled the course in audit mode. In this mode, we may only take lectures but cannot get grade of our quizzes. Thanks!