Unable to submit the assignment

I am have completed all three assignment of week1 of Sequence model course but it is not getting submitted and giving error. Please, see the exact error below which i got during submitting one of the assignment and rest two assignmnets are also giving the similar Bad request. Please help in fixing it so that i can submit the assignmnets of week 1 and continue next week of course.

Bad request: {‘errorCode’: None, ‘message’: ‘Failed to find active course item with atom xVhSjmdLEeu3vAokjZRr4w’, ‘details’: None}

Please, help in fixing my issue, i am unable to submit the assigments.

Often the reason a post gets no replies is if the mentors have not seen this issue before, and have no idea what advice to give.

I think that is the situation here. Certainly I have never heard of the “bad request” error.

Thanks for the reply, Can you please suggest whom should i reach out to get this issue fixed. Please, let me know if you need my assignment notebooks which i am trying to submit for troubleshooting this issue.

I am off duty this week. Hopefully another mentor will offer to help.

Hello @Mentors,

Could you please help me in fixing my issue, It’s been around 4 weeks since i posted my issue and still it is not fixed.

Gaurav Kumar