Ungraded lab 2 U-Net: Small error in decoder_block function's docstring

Hello community,

I think I’ve spotted a small problem with the decoder_block function’s docstring.

If you check the docstring out, it lists the following arguments:

  1. inputs - OK
  2. conv_output - OK
  3. n_filters - OK
  4. kernel_size - OK
  5. strides - OK
  6. padding - not used anywhere in the code nor declared as an argument in the function’s signature

Additionally, the function’s signature declares a dropout argument that is not included in the docstring.

It is just a small error, but I figured I would mention it so that it can be addressed.

Thank you!

Thanks, @fabricio!
I’ll report this to the staff developers so they can fix it.

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Thanks a lot @Wendy !