Unsupervised Course

When I was running my assignment in the particle 2 lab in week 2 I got this noisy message after submission, So I did not grade my exercise as so in the last particle lab in week 3 at the supervised course.

Hi @Youssef_Khaled1

I am a bit confused.

I think you are having problems with Course 1 Week 3 Assignment, and Course 2 Week 2 Assignment, am I right?

We need to look at the error messages. Could you please share the full error messages in each of the two assignments?


Hi @Youssef_Khaled1

In addition to what mentor @rmwkwok said make sure that you run all cells correctly without raising any errors before the submission

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message error was:
Comment line with index: UNQ_C4 is duplicated

I think if I run cell many times it will remain the first output when I submission assignment

This means you have two lines in the notebook that have the same UNQ_C4 identifier. That’s incorrect. You must have added one by mistake.

The grader doesn’t care how many times you run a cell. It runs your notebook from scratch in its own workspace.

  • Do not copy or modify any of the code outside of the areas marked in the notebook.
  • You should delete the extra line you added.

I’m new to this forum so if it seems I’m fumbling along, bare with me. I had a question on the C3_W2_Collaborative_RecSys_Assignment. on # GRADED FUNCTION: cofi_cost_func
# UNQ_C1, I seem to be getting a different “J” value that what is expected. My “J” value calculates to 157.90 but the expected value is 28.09. I’m sorting thru the calculations but I can’t seem to understand why my value is different. Any help is appreciated in helping me narrow down the root cause.