Week2 programming assignment

,I am not able to submit the assignment as there’s is codr cell error .[Processing: 16902664413668630558783590632573.jpg…]

Hi @mizba_shah,

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Please trace back to your task number 2 and check if it is implemented correctly or not. As per the error showing in the image you have successfully completed the task 1. But there is some error in task 2. That cell would be starting with #UNQ_C2.

For any further doubt in this matter, you can provide more information in this code. If it is resolved do like my post.

Thank you,
Harsh Der.

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same i can not submit it

Hi @Ibrahim_Elsheikh and @mizba_shah

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I found a possible cause regards this issue.

On the first line of exercice 1 we got this:

# UNQ_C1_train <--- change this line 
# GRADED FUNCTION: compute_cost

I think it should be this:

# UNQ_C1 <--- To this line
# GRADED FUNCTION: compute_cost

Try to change the first line as i mention above and let me know the results

Best regards