Unsupervised Learning (MLS-Course 3)

Hi, any idea when the MLS- Course 3 (Unsupervised learning) be available? Thanks!


If you go to the course page it tells the start date on the enroll button.

Thanks @SamReiswig . The starting date for Unsupervised learning course on the course page is given as “July 20th, 2022”. However, my paid subscription requires me to earn the certificate by July 20th 2022, which leaves me no time to complete the Unsupervised Learning course.

Will the deadline in my account be pushed back because of the delay in the start of this course? Thanks!

Hi @SamReiswig ,
Can you please help in connecting me to the right person who can answer my question mentioned above…thanks !

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Here’s a Coursera help article on subscriptions

Hi @SamReiswig

I have gone through the link that you have shared. The FAQ simply says that if one of the courses in your specialization is not yet available, please cancel your subscription and repay when the course is ready!! This is not a fair resolution to the issue. I do not wish to cancel my subscription as it is not my fault that coursera has launched a specialization without having al courses ready!! Moreover, there was no warning or heads-up at the time of paying for the specialization saying that not not all courses are ready yet…

I request once again to please help in proper resolution of this issue - I would like to complete the specialization and since the third course in the specialization is not going to be available before my subscription ends, I request Coursera to extend my subscription for a week after the 3rd course becomes available!!


Please contact Coursera support about this issue.