Use of AI in E-Commerce

I am working as a Amazon Brand Manager and I would like to know how we AI can help us in E-commerce besides writing content for our products including title, bullet points and description but what are some more things that AI can help us in this regard. How it can help us in Product research or how we can increase our sales and help with marketing. These are some thoughts that I have encountered. How can I improve my e-commerce store using AI.

To answer this question, one would need to know your area of expertise and interest. E-commerce can use AI from Marketing to production by defining customer-retail direct interactions which are already being used but to improvise more in the accessibility and quality control one can introduce features like better service of customer compliance, personal feedback and supervision of orders, offers and targeting more common crowd than a selected population.

If you ask me as a customer who has used amazon, I was actually happy with most of their service but I felt they needed more retail followup on failed or poor products and avoid repeated bad service which they were not giving much of the attention. Customer support was really good but then again lacked an interphase between customer-customer care support-retail shop which would really help remove fake/poor products. This can be done by AI using chatbot interphase with better response directly updated to customer on what action amazon took on their feedback without even needing to call the customer.


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Being a Amazon Brand Manager, there could be many ways you can use AI to boost branding and sales. If you have some previous sales data, that would be best to analyze which product have been sold mostly in which period and which products are more in demand. You will have to combine all data and with help of AI prompts, you can give specified commands to better analyze data and provide insights. This way you can boost up sales and branding strategy.

I hope this will help you in some way to make better use of AI in day-to-day activity. If you have any queries to ask, do ask.