Has AI Helped You in Your Job Search. How?

“Which are some of the recent advancements in AI that you are implementing ? Have they have any impact at all in your professional or just daily that you can share with us?”

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Hi there,


A few years ago I worked as a social media analyst and the data science team developed a sentiment analysis model to track customer perception of our brand on social media.

This helped us prioritize some negative posts to work with customers about their issues with our product.

It’s a good way to address the solution to customer concerns.

Sentiment analysis is a powerful tool to apply on social media to establish a business presence in the digital world.

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Hi Linda_E_Manners
As a neuropathologist in Brazil, AI still doesn’t help me that much, but as I work in a 100% digital environment, its implementation only serves to improve my work, reducing evaluation time, optimizing my diagnostic capabilities and allowing me to quantify conditions that before they were much more subjective!

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Nope. Not for the time being!

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Thank You Fernando. I wish I got into learning what AI really was and how we could implement it in our agricultural business which we closed down. Better late than never !


Hello PMGiannis. Don’t give up. AI is a great tool that really helps at a personal and professional level in SO many ways!!!


Hello Elirod, This is my first course. All I knew about AI was what I read in the news. I am hooked. Impressive how your company, business is positively using AI. Thank you for replying !!!