Using ChatGTP Version 4 in Local Jupyter Notebook

Has anyone tried running the course exercises using ChatGPT in a local instance of Jupyter Notebook? What are the python coding steps to tell ChatGPT to use version 4?

Yes, I’ve run most all the short courses locally on my own Jupyter Notebooks. I’ve used only the model (gpt-3.5-turbo) defined in the course notebooks. To use a different model, you first need go to the OpenAI API website and decide which on you want. The price per number of tokens is much higher for version 4. than for any of the version 3. Before doing this, however, I’d look at the APIs and see if they’ve changed. For example, the Completions API has been supplanted by the Chat Completions API. Any code that still uses the Completions API needs to be revised (as we did in this short course.