Video volume too low!

Every video in this entire professional certificate has such a low volume that I am unable to make out what is being said without an over-ear headphone.

I sit in a very quiet room, laptop volume at MAX, video volume at MAX, and I still find it difficult to follow the conversation clearly.

And no, I don’t have a hearing problem :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delayed response and inconvenience sir
I will report the issue to the team and it will get sorted as soon as possible
Thank you sir for your patience and cooperation
Mayank Ghogale

Sir the issue is being looked into but might need more time due to other video issues too
Can you please adjust with either speakers or headphones
Thanking you

Sure, no problem. I will use headphones, please take your time.

As of 17.12.2022, the videos are still impossible to listen to without headphones…