W2_A1_Accessing "data.h5"

Is there a way to have access to the dataset “data.h5”? Or can it only be used on jupyter?

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There is a topic about that on the FAQ Thread.

Hi @paulinpaloalto,

I have copied all the required files into my local system, but still getting the error: “FileNotFoundError”. Screenshots are attached for your ready reference.

Also while opening the files " train_catvnoncat.h5" and " [test_catvnoncat.h5]", the files are showing error messages (screenshots attached).

Your assistance is required on a high priority basis to understand and rectify the issue here!

Deependu Ghosh

One thing to check is for “current working directory” issues. Notice that the pathnames being referenced are “relative” pathnames, so your CWD needs to be positioned in the main folder that you downloaded.

Try adding this code cell to the notebook and see where you actually are:


Notice the exclamation point (bang!) there: that tells the notebook that this is a linux shell command, not python code.

Maybe the way you are invoking the notebook, it ends with the wrong CWD.

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These images show that the files are available on your coursera workspace, which is a good sign. However, did you download those .h5 files to your local system? You may run the following in your notebook to see if the files are there:

!ls ./datasets/

If not, then create a folder “datasets” and to which download the two .h5 files.


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Thank You @paulinpaloalto, for the required assistance!

Thank You @rmwkwok, for the required assistance!