W2_A1_Error with python code

import math
from public_tests import *

GRADED FUNCTION: basic_sigmoid

def basic_sigmoid(x):
Compute sigmoid of x.

x -- A scalar

s -- sigmoid(x)
# (≈ 1 line of code)
# s = 

s = math.exp(x)


return s

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ignore that :slight_smile: got it - i was related to {edited} the correct one is {edited}

That’s great. But regarding the not defined error, you have to run all the above cells.

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so how i can share my queries if i could not share the code ?
i mean how you will understand the issue ?

or you have access of the code from back end ?

You just share your error and mentors will guide you. If we need your code, we will ask you to send us on a private message.

If we see your error messages, we can usually recognize what the mistakes are.

can you help me with below error

When you open the notebook, you have to run all of the cells starting from the top. This is what loads all of the packages.

how to submit your assigment ?

i think i did all the question but this section is not getting updated - may be i am missing something - please suggest

it worked now ; plz ignore above query