W2_A2_Assignment Checker Program has errors (import numpy etc..)

Please assist and connect me to the Instructor, as there are likely issues in the Programming-Checker section.

I have submitted PROGRAMMING Assignment# 2. In SW Code Section-1, Student enters the code/assigment.
Section# 2 is Assignment Checker.

Issue: Section# 2 Assignment Checker does not seem to call Python modules such as numpy etc…And Student cannot add “import numpy as np”, due to which my assignment is being marked as Failed.

Please inform the Instructor and connect me so that I could get grades.

If required, I could email my programming-code.
Thank you for your cooperation.

What error are you getting? Please share the screenshot of full error.

Hi @Anurag_Dixit,

I’m a little confused myself as to what you are talking about. Could you help explain it ?

As for your assignment, when I look at it, you are failing Ex 2:

If you are expecting that everything else in the notebook will work fine, it would not. You need to make sure all these exercises are correct before proceeding forward in the assignment, as they more or less depend on each other.


Issue resolved.


{moderator edit - solution code removed}

Previous Code with Errors:

{moderator edit - solution code removed}

Thanks Everyone for your assistance.

They look the same to me, but glad to hear that you found a solution. Note that they actually gave you the code in the instructions in the notebook and there is simpler way to write it by using -1 to say “use whatever is left here” for the dimensions.