W2 Emoji_v3a section 1.4: misleading errors

Hello there,

I just wanted to report this error in the programmation cell of the exercise 2 of section 1.4:

While it’s written that X has a 2d-array shape, it’s actually wrong:

This might not seem much, but it actually got me stuck for an hour, because I tried extracting a sequence using X[i][0] instead of the correct X[i].
As a result, some might get the error message "Model must give a perfect accuracy” (I mention it so people looking it up in this forum can find this thread, in case this isn’t rectified).

I hope this can be rectified for others not to waste too much time on this :slight_smile:

Have a nice day!

Edit: Same error can be found later in the exercide 3.

Thanks for your report, I’ll submit it to the course authors.