W2_graded _assignement

Unable to understand why it throws error when the values are same as the expected values.
The logic of my code seems to be correct.
Please do the needful if I am missing anything

Hi @Satyam_Naidu

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Looks like the error is on the dj_db assertion test. It must be equal to 0., but is returning -1.0

Could you share with me the remaining code related with this test case?



Note, do not post your code on the forum.

Hi @TMosh

Thank you for your feedback.

Is there another way to get more information about that kind of issue without have to sharing the solution code?

Thanks in advance.

The tests used by compute gradient test are available in the notebooks Files menu. This can help identify differences between the two sets of tests.

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am new to the community and I have no clue how to ask a new question.
my question is related to the second week assignment, as whenever I am trying to view my grade, I receive this error message "Comment line with index: UNQ_C1 wasn’t found in code

Please read this about your error of UNQ_C1 wasn’t found in code and this about how to use the forum.

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bad me I have deleted the whole graded function, thought it would have been better to erase the entire cell and write the code myself

can we both check how many graded functions are in this assignment … only compute_cost and compute_gradient ?

You can get a clean (fresh) copy of your assignment. Please read this.

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cheers, saif