W3_A1_Shallow NN - shapes don't pass the test!

Hi everyone! I am trying to accomplish the Programming Assignment for Shallow NN part of Neural Networks and DL course by Andrew Ng.

I’ve done the task with an attempt to approximate the flower-data with LR.

But the next task requires me to set sizes of a shallow NN. The function layer_sizes returns exactly the expected output but during testing Notebook tells me it failed.

What am I expected to do then?

Tried to restart the Kernel. Didn’t help.

Thank you for your time.

You might be hard coding the shape of n_x and n_y. Hint is given to you.

Hint : Use shapes of X and Y to find n_x and n_y. Also, hard code the hidden layer size to be 4.

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Yes, that is the case! Thank you for your reply!