W3_Quiz_Question 10_Getting the answer wrong


for question nr. 10 of the quiz of DLS course 1, week 3, I got the following answer marked as wrong:

{Moderator’s Edit: Solution Removed}

Here, no explanation is given. I did the quiz once before, and got the following explanation of my wrong answer:

{Moderator’s Edit: Solution Removed}

After all, in my second try I followed the advice: I counted the number of neurons in the 1st layer, which was 4, and the number of training samples, which was 2, so the dimension of Z[1] should be (4,2).

Either the answer was correct or the explanation given after my first try was wrong.

Please help ;-).

Best regards

Hey @Matthias_Kleine,
In this question x1 and x2 represents the input neurons, and not the number of examples. So, the statement that the network is fed with 2 examples is incorrect. I hope this resolves your query, and will help you select the correct answer.

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