Week 4 Assignment 1 Exercise 1 error in backprop

Hello, I am doing the exercise of assignment 1 of week 4 of building deep neural network but facing error in the backprop stage of the model.

I am passing correct parameters but it says incorrect dimensions. Please help.

Hi @Bakhtiar_Rasheed , to help debug the code, write a print inside your code for both dZ.shape and Z.shape to see what is going on.
Keep learning!

Hello @Bakhtiar_Rasheed! I hope you are doing well.

So, this is assignment 2 of week 4. You are making a typo in two_layer_model Ex. 1. What should be the input argument for dA0, dW1, db1 = linear_activation_backward()?
Double-check it.


Yes I corrected the typo and completed the assignment. Thanks

I am glad you did it.