W3_tools Library - Linear Regression

I was wondering in the Linear Algebra for Machine Learning and Data Science course there is an example covering a neural network and linear regression. This model uses a library called “w3_tools”.

However, I was trying to code this in Python off of Coursera and was having trouble understanding where to get “w3_tool” and if in fact it is a readily available library?

Any help on this?


I’m not familiar with that course, but in all the other courses I’ve seen here the utility functions are included in separate python files packaged with each assignment. There’s a topic on the DLS FAQ Thread about how to download all the files in any of the assignments.

If you just want to look at that individual file, click “File → Open” from the running notebook. That will give you a file explorer view of all the associated files. Look for the file w3_tools.py.

Thanks for the quick reply. I kinda’ got the feeling after posting and looking at some of the scikit documentation that the function was a cover for deeper more complicated functions. I got the download, took a look, and will give it a go.

BTW - my son is at Cal doing EECS.


Great! So you both have the advantage of having a “study buddy” to discuss the material with. There’s lots more interesting stuff to come here. Enjoy!