W3_Programming Assignment


Which topics should be revised before attempting the assignment?
The topic says: Single Perception Neural Networks & Linear regression.
BUT, the lab work before in this week or earlier ones did not cover these topics.

Please answer without revealing the specifics of the exercises.
Thank you

Hey @Debatreyo_Roy,
You don’t need to give any serious thoughts into this. Just make sure you are well-versed with the concepts taught in the first 3 weeks of the course, and you should be good to go. If you get stuck in some concept, you can always come back, revise the concept, and then resume your assignment. I hope this helps.


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Perhaps you meant reviewed instead of revised?

Yes reviewed.

Since I take notes from the lectures & practice the coding on my own computer too hence I wrote ‘revise’ (the notes). Should have used ‘reviewed’. Thank you.

Okay. Thank you. Better start early in that case.
Since I saw several posts saying they encountered difficulties with this assignment and some posts complaining that it is much more tough than the previous one, hence my query.


Thanks for motivating me to start early. I took 2 days but I completed the W3_Assignment successfully before deadline. :smiley:

BUT, though I understood the theory & linear algebra (I think so!) parts, I could not understand the entire assignment :worried: especially coding with Pandas, sklearn, matplotlib.

It would be nice if you could provide a list of topics to learn that would help me understand it entirely & properly.

Hey @Debatreyo_Roy,

If you are facing difficulties in comprehending certain methods of libraries like pandas, sklearn, etc, then you can check out their corresponding documentations. But if you want to understand the basics of any library (in case you don’t have any prior experience), I believe that the “Getting Started” or “Tutorials” section serves that purpose really well. For instance, you can find the tutorials and other resources for pandas here. Let us know if this helps.