Problem on compilling the code from the notebook

Name of the Course:
Linear Algebra for Machine Learninig and Data Science

Name of the assignment:
Single Perceptron Neural Networks for Linear Regression (Week 3)

Description of the issue:
In the Linear Algebra for Machine Learning course. In the programming task of week 3, the w3_tools library has a problem validating the answers, in addition, there is a problem in the compilation of the answers and it is not correcting the exercises when sending the notebook, giving a zero score to all the answers, even the answers being correct. I imagine that for some reason the notebook is not being read, that’s why the attribution is zeroed in all notes. Can you help?

Hello @leastsquared Have you tried adding a ‘#grade-up-to-here’ statement

How to add? Can you explain better? How add this will solve?

I mean if it’s a problem with grading you can try this option:

There was an error in the code, which in the other following functions also made it wrong. When correcting the error everything was OK

@leastsquared Hope the error was not from our side?