W4_A1_Ex-10_updating length of the parameters

In this exercise, L = len (parameters)

parameters contains 4 elements: W1, W2, b1 and b2

Why is len(parameters) = 2?

Why do you believe that len(parameters) is 2?

The given code in the exercise is the following. This mentions that L = 2:

def update_parameters(params, grads, learning_rate):
Update parameters using gradient descent

params -- python dictionary containing your parameters 
grads -- python dictionary containing your gradients, output of L_model_backward

parameters -- python dictionary containing your updated parameters 
              parameters["W" + str(l)] = ... 
              parameters["b" + str(l)] = ...
parameters = copy.deepcopy(params)
L = len(parameters) // 2 # number of layers in the neural network

Please post a screen capture image.

That doesn’t say that the length is 2.
It says to take the length and apply floor division by 2.
The comment says why.

Got it. Coming from c++, I interpreted the ‘//’ as the comment symbol.