W4 - Lost Exercice 5

There is no exercice 5 (Encoder) for the W4 programming assignment (Course 5) in my notebook ?
Is it normal ?

No, I think not.

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How could I get the excercice 5 ?

Probably delete your notebook file and get a new copy.

Thanks @TMosh for your suggestion. I do not see the delete notebook option.
T.As will I automatically get new notebook if I delete my cureent one ?

Without this exercice 5, I cant submit my homework. Getting this error: Comment line with index: UNQ_C5 wasn’t found in code

When deleting my notebook and trying to recreate it

Delete via the File menu.
Get new notebook via the Help menu (? inside a circle), then “Get Latest Version”.
Then exit the course and reenter.

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Thanks @TMosh
There is no delete option in the file Menu, but (renaming it) and using “Get Latest Version” from help menu solved my problem.

Check mark the notebook.
DELETE option will appear.

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Here’s a thread with complete instructions for getting a fresh copy of a notebook. For future reference or for anyone else who sees this thread. That thread was linked from the DLS FAQ Thread which is worth a look just on general principles.

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