Week 1 Jazz Assignment Not saving/submitting

Hey guys, my first post here.
I am experiencing issues with the jazz assignment of the first week.
My ipython notebook refuses to save the notebook anymore. Also it refuses to submit. Clicking the submit button does nothing, still shows no submissions on the coursera page. So after multiple reloads and repasting writting code, it still refuses to save but now the submit assignment button has all but dissapeared.
The uploaded image shows that it was saved 18 min ago last (after which point it stopped saving, even after reloading the page, restart/reconnecting kernel), and the absence of the submit button.

Please help

Hi @bankky ,

Could you try logging out of your Coursera account. Use another browser and log back in. This is to be sure you have a clean connection to the platform.

Hey @Kic , thanks for the suggestion, but i got it to work. For whatever reason, the whole platform is very slow.
It took about 10 min for the submit assignment button to appear.
Once i clicked save and checkpoint, it took about 5 minutes to checkpoint.
Now ive clicked the submit assignment button and just left it. My guess is itll take 5-10 mins for it to finish submission.
Dont know why theres a sudden drop in responsiveness of the servers, its literally in minutes

Hi @bankky ,

I have no access to the platform internal, what I can suggest is just from experience. Heavy traffic can slow down the response time.