Week 1 Assignment 3 Jazz Improvisation - disappearing submission

Hello DL community!

I am experiencing a general issue with the Assignment 3. I have passed all the tests in the lab, although when I am submitting the assignment for grading, it just disappears in the ‘My submissions’ tab after a while without any notification. I have tried restarting the kernel and clearing the outputs in the notebook, unfortunately without any luck :frowning: I have also reported the issue in the ‘My submissions’ tab. Has anybody experienced similar issue? I am also attaching the picture of Exercise 3 predict_and_sample() outputs, it was said the results could be different but I’m not sure if my results are in the acceptable margin, maybe this could be the issue?

Any help would be much appreciated!

Same problem here. Till now no solution.

It might a general problem, I have the same issue on week 4 assignment.

I have the same issue, submitted a ticket to coursera support.

Hi all,

This is a problem we are seeing across multiple specializations. Coursera has been informed about it. Hopefully, it will be resolved soon.

Thank you for your patience,

Hi all,

Learners are now mentioning that they are able to get graded. Try resubmitting again and let me know what happens.


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I resubmitted, and everything is okay now. Many thanks for your feedback!