Unable to get C3W3_Assignment graded (submissions "disappearing")

I’m not able to get graded. When I press submit, I receive the “workspace submitted” modal on the notebook

then in the coursera grading screen I see that the assigment has been submitted and it will be graded

…but no grading happens, and everything refresh as I’ve never submitted anything.

First time I experience such behaviour.

Thanks in advance

Hello @superedo73
Many learners are facing the same issue. Our team has reported this issue to Coursera. Kindly wait till they rectify this

Hi @superedo73 ,

Please submit this assignment once again and confirm. I think this issue is resolved now and learners are able to submit.


It just happened to me for C3W1 assignment.
Tried several times, it is the same.

Hi @yang.1070, many learners faced this issue today. Kindly check after a few hours. I hope this will be resolved.

Thank you,

@sharob.sinha It is working now. Thank you.