Week 1 linear regression on a data set

this is the dataset i took:-

guys this the code i performed it shows an error.
Please if some one can help me fix this.
i think this is because the number after decimal places are too big.
thank you.

Remove codes from the post, it’s against community guidelines.

Check your code implemention, it is not correct.

In this case, it’s not against the guidelines. It is not from a graded assignment.

This code is from the optional Week 1 lab (“C1_W1_Lab04_Gradient_Descent_Soln”).

All of the code in this lab is provided by the course.

I disagree.

I would guess that the error is because the data set contains very large feature values, and you have not normalized the data set.

So the learning rate is too big, and it is causing the gradients to be too large and it makes the solution diverge.

Thank you for letting me know i will proceed with caution next time.

Thank you for clarifying i really appreciate it.

I appreciate you taking time out for providing a solution i thought of the same the another day, but i didn’t try it. So, thank you.