Week 1: Optional Lab: Cost function

  • local plotting routines in the lab_utils_uni.py file in the local directory*
    But I can’t able to find the file lab_utils_uni.py in the LAB Files section also.
    I want to read the content of this file, so can you please tell me the location of this file?

There is a directory in the Lab Files [pycache], and it contains two files. What do these files mean can you please tell me this also?

Those are compiled python code.

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We can find the file by (1) going to the coursera lab, (2) click “File” > “Open”, and (3) you will see it listed there, and you may view or download it.

Those files in the pycache folder, as Tom said, are compiled files. When we run a Python code, the Python interpreter has to convert the human written computer program code into compiled code that computer can understand.