Week 1: Programming Assignment - How to extend deadline

Hi, I have bandwidth to spend a max of 2 days in a week. The programming assignment doesn’t seem to take that into account. How can we ask for extension on Programming Assignment ?

Don’t worry about it. The deadlines here are meaningless in the sense that there is no penalty for missing them. They will just automatically reset and they’ll start hassling you about the new one. You may well ask why they bother, if there is no penalty. It turns out they have been studying us like lab rats and have found that hassling people about deadlines (even if they are actually meaningless) increases the percentage of students who successfully complete the course. Now the question is whether I have impaired your chances of success by revealing this little secret to you. :nerd_face:


I have a deadline for Monday 14/2. For urgent reason I will miss if of 2 days with 100 % probability.

Ok, then ?

Don’t worry about it. As I said in my earlier post on this thread: there is no penalty for missing deadlines. They will just reset and it’s not an issue.

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