Assignment deadlines


Sorry, this is my first time using Coursera, so apologies if this is a silly question, but how do assignment deadlines work for this course? (I’ve done some googling but it seems to vary by course.) I enrolled in this course a few weeks ago just to get set up, but I’m waiting to take it during my university semester, and I only just noticed that some assignments are overdue or due soon. Will I not be able to get things graded if I don’t submit them on time?


Welcome to the course! All the deadlines in these Deep Learning courses are just “advisory” (the polite way to say “fake”). There are no penalties for missing them. They just automatically reset and they start hassling you about the new deadline. You might well ask why they bother if there are no penalties, but they have been studying us like lab rats and have statistics showing that hassling people in this way increases their chance of successfully completing courses. :nerd_face:

Oh great, thanks so much! (haha makes sense :nerd_face:)