Week 2: exercise 3: NameError: name 'sigmoid_test' is not defined

hi peers,

while I execute this code sigmoid(t_x) is printed, however I receive this error afterwards ‘NameError: name ‘sigmoid_test’ is not defined’, here is the code:

what am I missing?


Welcome, @Alexander_Polevoy. You have not executed the very first code cell of the notebook that contains all of the import statements. You have received a NameError because that function is not in the “namespace.” The critical line in this case is from public_tests import *. From the cell that you are trying to execute, you could select “Cell → Run All Above” rather than manually executing each individually.

P.S. It is a violation of the honor code to post your code. You are (strongly!) encouraged to post the traceback, however. Which you have done. Thanks!

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Hi @kenb,

thank you very much for your help. Noted on posting the code here, I will be more careful going forward.