Week 2 Logistic Regrssion Assignment sigmoid_test(sigmoid) error

print ("sigmoid([0, 2]) = " + str(sigmoid(np.array([0,2]))))

In the above code there is error. Since unable to change/ write in this section of code. Please help how to resolve it.
sigmoid([0, 2]) = [0.5 0.88079708]

NameError Traceback (most recent call last)
1 print ("sigmoid([0, 2]) = " + str(sigmoid(np.array([0,2]))))
----> 3 sigmoid_test(sigmoid)

NameError: name ‘sigmoid_test’ is not defined

Hello SKBansal,

Welcome to the community!

When you get a name error that means you have missed running the previous cell somehow, which is why, you are getting this error:

NameError: name ‘sigmoid_test’ is not defined

Check it once and re-run it.

Hi Rashmi

Thanks for your suggestion but i have run all previous code cell. I got error below also. I think some function is imported but unable to get it. I have upload the code also. Kindly help to crack the error

{moderator edit - solution code removed}

NameError Traceback (most recent call last)
14 print ("cost = " + str(cost))
—> 16 propagate_test(propagate)

NameError: name ‘propagate_test’ is not defined

Hi @skbansal97 ,

The execution environment is out of sync. To reset it, at the top of the menu bar of your notebook:

click Kernel ->restart & clear all output
click Cell → run all above (from your current cell)

This will reset the execution environment and bring in all the libraries and files to run your code.